Sonja's background in creating meaningful and healthy spaces can be found in her over 20 year of experience as a designer; shaping spaces for connection, healing and overall well-being. She is a Principal with Shepley Bulfinch and also provides consulting services through Lens Strategy, a consulting studio within Shepley Bulfinch.

An avid speaker, instructor, leader and writer, Sonja promotes thoughtfulness and leading-edge innovations of holistic design with a focus on human health and wellness. Her interior design portfolio includes award-winning educational, community, international, cultural, residential and corporate spaces. Sonja’s designs and workshops integrate leading edge principles of biophilia (passion for life), mindfulness, evidence based design, storytelling and sustainability to create holistic places of wellness, inspiration and transformation.

 With her design, approach and workshops informed much in part by her expertise as a certified master-level yoga teacher and Reiki master, she brings a unique, effective and thoughtful approach in mindfulness for the projects. Sonja is also able to effectively facilitate leadership, community and project design workshops.

Her work spans from advisory, body-centered and educational work-sessions, initial concept development, planning, full interior-design services, artwork and furniture integration, product design and consulting- and is informed by the latest research relative to design and human emotional, physiological and physical health. 

Sonja partners with leading researchers, architects, landscape designers and other professionals, continuing to help evolve and expand the research and metrics that is relevant to the value of wellness, and of well-designed spaces leading to overall human well-being. She has also served on numerous panels and has been a prominent leader at major design and architecture firms and served in such groups as Interior Design’s Healthcare and Wellness Council, presented at the Healthcare Design Conference, Neocon World Trade Show, Living Future Conference and volunteers for several non-profit organizations including on the advisory leadership council for the ILFI Biophilic Design Initiative:

 An Arizona native, Sonja lives with family in Tempe AZ., and enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking and photography in the Sonoran desert.



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